Jay Carney: Every President 'Plays the Hand He's Dealt'

Jay Carney: Every President 'Plays the Hand He's Dealt'

Wednesday on CNN during reactions to President Barack Obama’s speech on American’s strategy to destroy ISIS, former White House press secretary Jay Carney did his best to obfuscating responsibility for the administration ignoring the growing threat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq over the last two years, which allowed the terror group to become the threat the president had to address tonight.

Host Anderson Cooper asked if he felt the irony of a president elected, in part, to get the United States out of Iraq was going back and Carney replied, “Well, I think the point you’re making is absolutely accurate. That it is ironic, of course, given how the president was elected. The policies that he laid out. that he is having to do this.”

“I think that any president has to play the hand he is dealt, and the president in this case, President Obama even back when he was a candidate for office for senate made clear that he opposed going into Iraq,” he added.

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