Hospital Chairman: Ebola Screening 'Lousy,' US Will Have More Cases

Hospital Chairman: Ebola Screening 'Lousy,' US Will Have More Cases

Dr. Robert Lahita, the Chairman of Medicine and Vice President of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center described current Ebola screening procedures in the US as “pretty lousy,” and predicted that the US would have more cases of the virus on Monday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“we should be worried it’s pretty lousy right now” he said of current airport screening procedures for the virus, adding “we need to do something about one screening for patients that are sick and, two, once they’re on the plane, handling things.”

“I think it [more cases of Ebola] is coming to the United States. I don’t think there’s any question, the probability, when you look at the numbers, of having cases get through the 21-day incubation period from west Africa, we’re going to have them coming to the united states as we had previously with the fellow in Dallas and also now you’ve just heard there is a case reported in Spain. We’re going to have that” he stated.

Dr. Lahita also declared that the US has “wonderful procedures and processes in place” to isolate people who have the virus once they get into the country, and expressed confidence that the US was prepared to do so.

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