Fiorina: Hillary’s Speech Proves She Doesn’t Understand How the Economy Works

Monday, Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina reacted to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s economic policy address. She said the speech was a “bundle of contradictions,” that proves Clinton “actually doesn’t understand how the economy works.”

“Hillary Clinton speech was a bundle of contradictions and a litany of progressive prescriptions,” Fiorina said. “She talked about going beyond, even further on Dodd-Frank, and then talked about trying to strengthen the community banking system, even though Dodd-Frank has already destroyed hundreds, if not thousands of community banks. She talked about going beyond the Affordable Care Act and at the same time lowering health care costs, even though it’s crystal clear that the Affordable Care Act is raising health care costs and insurance premiums. She talked about the need to simplify the tax codes to help small business owners and then proposed a long list of regulations on business. Everything she purposed will make crony capitalism worse, not better.”

She added, “Her speech proved two things. She is a card carrying member of the political class and she actually doesn’t understand how the economy works.”

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