Trump: ‘Bernie Sold Out To The Devil’ Hillary

Thursday at a rally in New Hampshire, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took a shot at Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, by saying the “deal he made with Hillary was not the right thing” and that Sanders “sold out to the devil” by supporting his former opponent Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump said, “Look at how many people are here and look at what happened recently. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had very few people at their rally yesterday and that’s because they don’t like Hillary, and Bernie sold out to the devil. You know, Bernie, if Bernie had made the deal and just done something where maybe he did nothing and just went away, he would have been a legendary character or legendary political figure.”

“But the deal he made with Hillary was not the right thing and it was not representative of what he should have done to people,” he continued. “We’ll have a lot of Bernie’s people supporting us, especially because of my views on trade. We are going to have a lot of Bernie people. He should’ve never made the deal. I bet you he wishes that he did not make that deal. That was not the right deal. The people of New Hampshire and everywhere else, don’t care about Bernie anymore because they are looking into the future and the future is going to be something special.”

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