McConnell: ‘It Never Occurred to Me’ to Refuse a Bipartisan Meeting with Obama

Tuesday at a press conference on Capitol Hill, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) criticized Democratic leadership for refusing to meet with President Donald Trump after he tweeted this morning that he did not “see a deal” to stop a government shutdown.

McConnell said, “I never refused to go to a meeting that President Obama called, bipartisan meeting. It never occurred to me that I could just say to President Obama, I’m not showing up. That strikes me as a lack of seriousness about the matter before us which is the funding of the federal government for the United States for the rest of this fiscal year.”

“So you have to ask them why they think it is appropriate to refuse to meet with the president of the United States over something as significant as how we fund troops and all other needs that are addressed by the spending decisions we make every year,” he added.

McConnell did skip a bipartisan dinner meeting with President Obama 2010.

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