MSNBC’s Cevallos: Flynn Has ‘Massive’ Incentive to Lie to Implicate Others

MSNBC legal analyst Danny Cevallos argued that former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has a “massive” incentive to lie to the FBI — to implicate others.

Cevallos was asked Saturday in an appearance on MSNBC what the “incentive” was for Flynn to lie.

“In a word, massive,” Cevallos replied. “I have seen this. I dealt with this personally. Mike Flynn is not only somebody who has been threatened by the government with up to five years in prison for one false statement or several false statements, there’s also been intimations that his son could be charged, too.”

He continued, “You think about your own family members. Think about if your own child or your sibling or your parents were threatened with prosecution, what incentive you would have to come up with some kind of story? Now, the government already knows that they’re getting hand in hand with a convicted criminal to testify against other potential persons. They do that all the time. They’re used to it. The reality is that these cooperating witness agreements, heavily incentivized, exaggerating the story to impress the government and ultimately implicate others.”

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