NBC’s Todd: Trump Administration Is Being ‘Decimated in a Carousel of Chaos’

Friday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” host Chuck Todd criticized President Donald Trump’s administration for its list of “acting” officials.

Todd said, “If Acosta leaves next week, there will be at least 20, two-zero positions that are being led by an acting chief or no one at all. Look at this list. We got an acting labor secretary, an acting defense secretary – actually, we’ve had two acting defense secretaries since the Mattis resignation. Chief of staff is acting, but he’s about to be the longest-serving chief of staff, you saw, I can’t even say the names fast enough. And we’re only showing you number ones and number twos in these vacancies. There are vacancies at their third and fourth and fifth level.”

He added, “You may ask yourself, is this any way to run the government and what happens if there’s a crisis? Funny you should ask because there is a humanitarian crisis at the border, and the team in charge of handling it has been decimated in a carousel of chaos. The DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned, so the acting was pulled from the CBP. So now he’s running DHS, not CBP, temporarily. CBP is now being run by someone who was the acting chief at ICE after a string of shakeups there. So he went from one acting job. He is now running the CBP not ICE both jobs temporarily, mind you. So now the deputy is temporarily running ICE again because the agency’s fifth acting chief under Trump had to go run the CBP because that chief had to go temporarily run the entire Department of Homeland you may wonder is that any way to run the border amidst a migrant crisis?”

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