Suspect Arrested for Allegedly Putting Razor Blades in Trick-or-Treat Bags

Jason Racz
Waterbury Police Department

A man was arrested Thursday after he allegedly placed razor blades into kids’ Halloween candy bags in Waterbury, Connecticut.

The Waterbury Police Department said 37-year-old Jason Racz was taken into custody after residents reportedly found razors inside two of their children’s Halloween candy baskets, according to NBC News.

Upon further investigation, officials said they determined that the razors came from the same home located at 102 Horseshoe Drive.

However, no razor blades were found outside the candy and no injuries were reported at the time, according to Chief Fernando Spagnola.

“Racz explained that the razor blades were accidentally spilled or put into the candy bowl he used to hand out candy from,” the department said in a statement, adding that Racz “provided no explanation as to how the razor blades were handed out to the children along with the candy.”

Police learned during the investigation that a three-year-old child living at the home had access to a box of razor blades. The container was later seized as evidence.

Officers also said they were forced to restrain Racz while they booked him on Thursday evening.

The suspect was charged with risk of injury to a minor, reckless endangerment, and interfering with a police officer. He is being held on a $250,000 bond until his arraignment in court on Friday.

On Tuesday, Breitbart News reported that a parent in Middle Township, New Jersey, found what they suspected to be a bag of heroin in their child’s candy bag after attending a Halloween event at a local community center on October 25.

However, Middle Township Police Capt. William Adams said the substance in question had not been tested to determine whether it was heroin.

Following the incident, the department urged parents “to check their children’s candy bags thoroughly and contact the police if they discover anything suspicious, harmful or out of the ordinary.”


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