VIDEO — Police: Robbers Snatch $51K Worth of NYC Gucci Store Merchandise in Broad Daylight


Armed suspects targeted a Gucci store in New York City on Monday, and law enforcement is still looking for the alleged robbers.

The incident happened at the store on 14th Street just after noon, according to the New York Post.

The suspects were identified as two men and one woman who entered the store, flashed a firearm, and told workers to lie down on the ground while they grabbed items.

Fox 5 reported:

After taking $51,000 worth of high-end merchandise, police said the woman pulled up to the curb, right near the store entrance, in a black Honda CRV. Once the men were inside, the vehicle sped off down 9th Ave., nearly hitting another vehicle and a person on a bike.

Police said the suspects drove through the Lincoln Tunnel into New Jersey. Their whereabouts after that were unknown.

Video footage shows two suspects, wearing dark clothing, hoods, and masks, carrying what appears to be purses out of the store. One is seen dragging a suitcase.

The shop closed for the rest of the day, and neighbors were disturbed when they heard the news.

One shopper told the Post she felt sorry for the employees.

“People don’t make, like, a ton of money that are working at these stores, and now to deal with this? They’re just trying to make money and do their job, and I don’t think anyone should have to be afraid to go in to work,” she commented.

Social media users shared their thoughts on the incident, one person writing, “Why would you want to own a shopfront store in a crime-filled city with revolving door criminal justice these days?”

“It happens every day in high-end stores in New York City…Nothing happens to the criminals…The cops are not allowed to do their jobs with Eric Adams as mayor of NYC…Beyond sad…” another user commented.

In October, two armed suspects targeted pedestrians in New York City, making off with Rolex watches and a gold chain, according to Breitbart News. The outlet said the items were worth $29,000.

In addition, the outlet reported on January 8 that “violent crime is raging across New York City, as several shootings took place on Saturday in multiple boroughs.”


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