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Emmy Host Kimmel Zings Romney in Opening Monologue

Emmy Host Kimmel Zings Romney in Opening Monologue

It could have been worse, by Hollywood standards.

Jimmy Kimmel went political during tonight’s Emmy Awards telecast opening monologue, zinging both Mitt Romney and the recent Chick-Fil-A imbroglio.

“TV is an American institution, and yet, one out of every five nominees tonight is British. I will admit that ‘Downton Abbey’ is an amazing show, there’s so much meticulous attention to detail,” Kimmel said. “It really gives you a sense of what it must have been like to grow up in Mitt Romney’s house.”

“Are any of you voting for Mitt Romney?” he asked, as some in the audience cheered. “Alright, 40 Republicans,” Kimmel joked in response. “Being a Republican in Hollywood is like being a Chick-Fil-A sandwich on the snack table at ‘Glee.'”

Kimmel also name-checked President Barack Obama during his opening routine.

“Does it bother anyone else that President Obama said his favorite show is ‘Homeland’? I don’t think the president should be watching ‘Homeland’ for the same reason I don’t think Charlie Sheen should watch ‘Breaking Bad.'”


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