Ohio Swing Voters — Meet Lena Dunham, New Obama Spokeswoman

Ohio Swing Voters — Meet Lena Dunham, New Obama Spokeswoman

Lena Dunham is the creator of Girls, the HBO series that features the pear-shaped 26-year-old consistently showing off her naked body. She’s also the girl who was featured in the opening of the 2012 Emmys seated naked on a toilet while munching cake.

Meet the new Obama campaign spokeswoman.

Dunham is the “star” of the new Obama campaign video selling young women voters the idea that voting for the first time is like choosing Obama as the man you’d want to deflower you. And what a spokeswoman she is.

Dunham writes of her vow of celibacy at the age of nine that gave way to a desire for losing her virginity when she transferred to Oberlin College as a sophomore. Oberlin, she writes, was “a small liberal arts school in Ohio that was known for having been the first college to admit both women and men, as well as for its polyamorous, bi-curious student body. I was neither, but it did seem like a good environment in which to finally get the ball rolling.”

Her first sexual experience was with “Jonah” and went like this:

We talked, at first animatedly and then in the nervous generalizations that substitute for kissing when everyone is too shy. Finally, I told him that my dad painted huge pictures of penises for a job. When he asked if we could see them online, I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and just went for it. I removed my shirt almost immediately, and he seemed fairly impressed. Wearing just a too-tight slip-skirt from the local Goodwill, I hopped up to get the condom from the “freshman survival pack” we had been given (even though I was a sophomore).

When Dunham’s friend “Audrey” barged in on Dunham and her paramour. “Audrey” shouted “Mazel Tov!”

What romance.

Dunham didn’t know “Jonah” that well, as she says: “Afterwards we lay there and talked, and I could tell he was a really nice person … Although it’s amazing how permanent virginity feels, and then how suddenly inconsequential.”

Dunham used that endeavor to inspire a scene in Creative Nonfiction, her first film, and boasted, “When I performed that sex scene, my first, I felt more changed than I had by the actual experience of having sex with Jonah. Like, that was just sex, but this was my work.”

Dunham isn’t picky; in Girls she performed naked on her knees in a scene where her character Hannah is about to let Adam have anal sex with her. Another example: the sex scene in Tiny Furniture where her character Aura has sex with a random co-worker, after which Aura crouches in her shower naked, intoning, “Boss me around a little.”

And Dunham’s comfortable with writing zippy dialogue, like this wonderful line from Tiny Furniture: “She was extremely forthcoming with the blowies.” Her producer Jenni Konner says of Dunham, “Something happens to Lena the night before, she literally comes in the next day and pitches it.”

Dunham’s got taste, too, as noted in tweets like these:

@lenadunham If you knew how much time I spend trying to look at my ass the way other people might see it, you’d be SHOCKED I have ever achieved anything

@lenadunham Every time someone texts “you in LA?” I think a funny answer would be “why, you wanna fuck?”

When Dunham was asked why she is naked so much on screen, she laughed, “I have no idea. I’m really trying to understand. Because at a certain point, it wasn’t like, I’m doing it out of necessity. I’m naked all the time.” When her friend Jenny Slate told her she only wanted people she had had sex with to see her naked, Dunham responded that she wanted everyone except people she has sex with to see her naked.

In Tiny Furniture there is a scene in which Charlotte tells Aura that because their mothers are so successful, they must be “assholes.” Suffice it to say, Dunham has become very successful.


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