Nolte: Another Woke Disney Flop — ‘Little Mermaid’ on Track to Lose Millions

Little Mermaid

The child abusers and groomers at the Walt Disney Company are looking at yet another woke flop.

Box office analysts say the far-left company could lose millions on its latest woke entry, the live-action remake of the Little Mermaid, which opened over the Memorial Day weekend.

Maybe having transvestites greet little kids at Disneyland is causing some brand damage?

Maybe exposing little kids to adult sexuality in the form of transsexuals, homosexuality, and drag queens is causing some brand damage?

Maybe lobbying on behalf of public school teachers who want to expose elementary school children to gay porn is causing some brand damage?

Maybe not.

I am just thinking out loud here.

Hey, maybe the Little Mermaid remake is in trouble simply because it sucks. But it is in trouble…

The far-left Deadline:

In a rare situation for a Disney tentpole, particularly a live-action title based on a treasured classic animated musical, The Little Mermaid looks to bank more at the domestic box office ultimately than overseas, with $300M-$350M U.S./Canada to $260M abroad.

At that level, per finance sources, off a reported $250M production cost and $140M global marketing spend, The Little Mermaid could very well break-even. However, anything in the low $400M global threshold and this fish is apt to be sinking to a loss of around $20M.

Wait, wait, wait…the Little Mermaid is a domestic hit and an overseas flop? So are you telling me the Little Mermaid with the black mermaid is doing fine in America? Well, that is just more proof of how America is the least racist country on earth.

The far-left Wrap sees the same box office troubles ahead:

This weekend, “The Little Mermaid” secured a successful domestic launch with a $118.6 million four-day opening, among the top five highest for Memorial Day weekend, while earning strong word of mouth from an audience driven by Black moviegoers.

But overseas, the film grossed just $68 million… With a $250 million budget, the film may not have the overseas legs to turn a theatrical profit, let alone reach the $1 billion mark hit by past remakes of Disney Renaissance films like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin.”

According to Deadline, between the production and promotion costs, the perverts at Disney dropped $390 million into this white elephant. My math says it will have to gross something close to $800 million worldwide just to break even. Movie theaters take about half of every ticket sold. Half of $800 million is $400 million. If the movie grosses just $600 million worldwide, that is a $200 million loss, and that kind of domestic gross is still a big “if.” Over its opening weekend, the remake came in below expectations. So the idea it could gross $300 to $350 million domestically seems, well, optimistic.

All I know is that anything bad that happens to fetishists at Disney is good for America.

I am an extremist on the issue of free speech and free expression, but once you turn evil and target underage children for sexual exploitation, I work and pray for your demise.

Disney is pure evil.

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