EU Chief: Our Work Should Not be Transparent

EU Chief: Our Work Should Not be Transparent

In what might be considered a major gaffe, the European Union’s (EU) chief scientific adviser Anne Glover has just insisted her work should be “not transparent” and should be kept out of the public eye. 

Her advice to the Commission chief is often on controversial topics such as global warming, genetically modified crops and nuclear power. You might assume these are important issues that deserve scrutiny, but the EU and Dr. Glover clearly disagree.

Technocracy is government by unelected so-called “experts”. As practised by the EU, technocracy is even less appealing than the absurd, undemocratic concept of a parliament with no power being dictated to by an elite, unbelted EU Commission.

In 2011, when the European Union suggested a rescue package for Greece’s debt-ridden economy, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou announced a surprise referendum over the terms. The so-called “Troika” (The EU, the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund) was so alarmed that they deposed Papandreou and replaced him with the unelected Lucas Papademas. Instead of the Greek people being given a vote, they were now ruled by an entire cabinet of unelected technocrats.

The same thing also happened in Italy in 2011 when the EU thought democracy in Italy wasn’t producing the right results from their point of view. So the EU ousted elected Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and parachuted in a government of Eurocrat placemen. Although it would seem hard to believe of Europe in the 21st century, a ‘quisling’ government of unelected ‘experts’ was forced upon the country. No doubt the grey old men – most of them academics – felt distinctly patrician and noble in helping Italy out by allowing it to be led by so revered a Eurocrat as Commissioner Mario Monti. But the problem with unelected technocrats is, without an electorate to hold them to account, they very quickly get into bad habits.

It isn’t entirely surprising that attitudes such as Dr. Glover’s prevail at the top of the EU. As an institution it is instinctively secretive and untrusting. Her insistence that involving the public debases her work is snobbish elitism at its worst.

The European Union does its dirty work behind closed doors and holds ordinary people in contempt. It is not above imposing governments on member countries – governments no one ever voted for. It’s worse than the feudal system, which is why we treat Boris Johnson’s determination to forge ahead with attempting renegotiation as so inexplicable – apart from being the start of his bid for the leadership of the Conservative Party, of course.

The UK ended slavery and abolished the Corn Laws in the 19th century. The Tory party tore itself apart in doing so; but it was right and good. The UK sacrificed its Empire for European freedom and was at the heart of the white-heat of technology in the 20th century. 

You could argue the UK has been the most successful force for freedom in the history of man. Now in the 21st century, it’s our time to shine again. How anyone can possibly hope to fix something so utterly broken is astounding. We must Get Britain Out and lead by example from the outside.

Oliver Lane is a researcher for the Get Britain Out campaign


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