Global Warming Jumps the Shark: the Week in Climate Stupid

Global Warming Jumps the Shark: the Week in Climate Stupid

This was the week when global warming jumped the shark. Just like it did last week. And the one before…

1. Soon children will have forgotten what outdoors looks like, claims HuffPo

Doctors at a Washington, D.C. paediatric clinic are increasingly prescribing sunshine and outdoors – “nature time” – for their young clients, reports Lynne Peeples for HuffPo.

But the story isn’t as heartwarming as you might think from the first paragraphs. That’s because stalking this charming scene like a ravening, blood-crazed, razor-fanged death creature with a sinister cowl kind of like a wicked evil monk’s probably concealing a grinning death’s head face and an evil as old as time, is climate change.

Yes, Peeples has managed to find at least two eco campaigners so shameless and utterly desperate that they have been prepared to put their names to quotes suggesting that “climate change” is threatening to make outdoors a no-go zone.

2. Climate Change will kill your fluffy bunnies

Speaking on Australian national radio climate campaigner Naomi Oreskes warns ABC presenter Robyn Williams of the terrible future the world can expect as a result of climate change. Quoting from her new book The Collapse of Western Civilisation, she prophesies:

Williams, himself an ardent warmist, chips in with some deep insights of his own:

Note to future historians trying to write the definitive book on The Decline And Fall Of Western Civilization:

Robyn Williams is one of Australia’s most prominent broadcasters.

Naomi Oreskes is Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University, where she writes books, teaches impressionable undergraduates, and gets taken seriously.

3. Australian academic argues: only communist-style revolution or death can save us from climate change

Peter Burdon – currently visiting professor at UC Berkeley – admiringly quotes environmentalists who argue that the authoritarian Chinese model offers our best hope in combating climate change.

For example, in an interview about her new book The Collapse of Western Civilization, Naomi Oreskes argued: “If anyone will weather this storm it seems likely that it will be the Chinese.”

In the book, Oreskes and co-author Erik Conway imagine a future world in which the predictions of the International Panel on Climate Change have come to pass.

With respect to China, the authors predict:China’s ability to weather disastrous climate change vindicated the necessity of centralised government … inspiring similar structures in other, reformulated nations.

Warming to his authoritarian theme, Burdon concludes:

However, the conditions of survival (let alone flourishing) requirerational social planning that takes seriously the needs of the entirecommunity.At this period of history, either one of two things ispossible. Either the general population will take back control of itsown destiny and concern itself with community interests, guided byvalues such as community, solidarity and concern for others (both humanand non human) or alternatively, there will be no destiny for anyone tocontrol.

4. John Kerry says U.S. has Biblically-endorsed responsibility to protect Muslims from Climate Change

No, really. Kerry actually said this. We reported this at Breitbart earlier in the week but you may well have thought it a joke because John Kerry is really quite a senior member of the Obama administration and you probably thought that when people achieve that high a level of public office they’d have speech writers and researchers and flak-catchers and spin-doctors to prevent them ever saying something so egregiously stupid.

5. Ex-Marxist student agitator turned Nobel-Prizewinning President of the Royal Society Sir Paul Nurse channels Krushchev. Disbelievers in man-made climate change, he says, should be “crushed and buried.”

This is what he tells the Guardian newspaper (H/T Bishop Hill), apparently unaware that the person in the world to which this criticism more than anyone applies is the geneticist turned environmental activist who is currently President of the Royal Society.


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