LISTEN to UKIP's Appalling New Calypso Song By DJ Mike Read

LISTEN to UKIP's Appalling New Calypso Song By DJ Mike Read

DJ Mike Read has launched a pro-UKIP song on iTunes and Amazon today, but it is bad… very bad. The ‘UKIP Calypso‘ by the Independents was written and performed by Read who is a former Radio One DJ.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the email to members about the release focused on getting UKIP to number one rather than the artistic merit of the song. It is called UKIP Calypso because it is based on the Caribbean music of the same name. Mike Read sings the song himself employing a Caribbean accent.

The email explains that it takes 22,000 downloads to get into the Top 30 and 28,000 would get it into the Top 10. UKIP has over 40,000 members so they might have a chance of making it.

UKIP Calypso’s humorous lyrics include: 

“The British people have been let down that’s why UKIP is making ground. From Crewe to Cleethorpes, Hull to Hendon they don’t believe in Cameron’s referendum. 

“Coalition could be a fact, with any party we could make pact. Stop telling lies about us you, and we’ll stop telling the truth about you. Oh yes when we take charge and the new Prime Minister is Farage…”

Mr Read is no stranger to song-writing and has released a number of songs into the charts. 

He is best known for composing the music for poems written by Sir John Betjeman. The songs were released by some of the most famous British artists of all time, including: Alvin Stardust, Paul Young and Sir Cliff Young.

The song was first performed at UKIP Conference in Doncaster, and can be downloaded clicking here. Mike Read has been a UKIP party member for some time now, having previously been a Conservative.


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