UPDATED: ‘Snob’ Labour MP Thornberry Resigns Over Tweet

UPDATED: ‘Snob’ Labour MP Thornberry Resigns Over Tweet

The Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry has tonight resigned from the Labour front bench.Her decision comes after widespread condemnation and accusations of snobbery following a tweet she posted when campaigning in Rochester today.

According to the BBC, Labour Leader Ed Miliband was said to be ‘the angriest he has ever been’ after the MP for Islington South turned a day which should have been about an embarrassing defeat for David Cameron into one about a millionaire North London barrister.

Thornberry apologised on twitter but with The Sun set to run a story featuring the owner of the house she mocked, and criticism from within her party, it was not enough to save her job in the shadow cabinet.

According to a tweet from the Sun’s Political Editor, the home owner said “I’ve not a clue who she is, but she’s a snob”

The MP for Islington South and Finsbury, who was elected from an all-women short list and lives in a £3million house in North London even argued the huge flak she was taking over it showed “a prejudiced attitude towards Islington”.

She was accused by fellow Labour MP Simon Danczuk of “being derogatory and dismissive of the people.”

‘Everyone will know exactly what she meant by that comment” he added. “‘I’ve talked about this previously. It’s like the Labour party has been hijacked by the north London liberal elite and it’s comments like that which reinforce that view.”

“I want to see more people flying the British flag” he said, mistakenly referring to the union flag.

One senior Labour insider told MailOnline it was ‘worse than the Gillian Duffy moment’, when during the 2010 general election campaign former prime minister Gordon Brown was recorded calling a voter a ‘bigoted woman’.

Andrew Rosindell, Conservative member for Romford told Brietbart London, “This is a typical example of Labour riding roughshod over people who love this country. Patriotism is not a dirty word and it’s about time Ed Miliband and his chums recognised that”.

Speaking from the count in Rochester, UKIP MEP Ray Finch told Breitbart London, “I’ve been so proud to have met so many great people in Rochester and Strood during this campaign.

“For somebody like Emily Thornbury, who has very little in common with them, to belittle them in this way makes me sick. This is yet another reason why ordinary working class people are flocking to the people’s army.”

Thornberry had earlier posted a picture of the grey skies above the constituency, saying ‘storm clouds were gathering for David Cameron’ which, with hindsight, may perhaps have been more suited to her own political ambitions.


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