DiCaprio Flies to Exclusive Swiss Resort to Lecture Billionaires: ‘Greed is Bad’


Leonardo DiCaprio has flown by private jet to the World Economic Forum’s annual conference for sinister plutocrats and craven politicians in Davos, Switzerland, to attack the “greed” of the energy industry.

“We simply cannot afford to allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity. Those entities with a financial interest in preserving this destructive system have denied, and even covered up the evidence of our changing climate.”

DiCaprio’s views are very much in tune with those of the event’s sponsors. According to the WEF’s Global Risks 2016 report — as decided by “750 experts and decision makers” from “multistakeholder communities” [!!!] — the single greatest risk facing the world right now is “failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

No really. This is not made up. In a world where China’s economy may be on the brink of hard landing, with Europe about to collapse under the weight of Islamic immigration, with ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al Shabaab still a potent force and the rock bottom oil price playing havoc with the markets, the resident “experts” at the World Economic Forum agree with Leo DiCaprio that the biggest problem facing us all right now is that we haven’t done enough about climate change.

Happily for common sense, though, the conference delegates aren’t buying it.

According to a survey of 1,400 CEOs from around the world compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and published at Davos this week.

Instead, over-regulation was listed as the biggest threat to business (by 79% of CEOs), followed by geopolitical uncertainty (74%) and other key threats including cyber attacks (61%).

In contrast, climate change and environmental damage was mentioned as a threat to business growth by just 50% of CEOs.

The findings were similar to a separate survey of 13,000 business leaders produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF). It also found a relative absence of concern about climate change and environmental risk amongst business leaders.

Those 79 per cent of CEOs who voted “over-regulation” the biggest threat to business are probably right. But that doesn’t mean that around half of them — the 50 per cent who voted “climate change and environmental damage” as a threat — aren’t complete idiots.

What, numbskulls, do you think is the greatest contributory factor to all that extra regulation business is being forced to wear by national and supranational regulation?

Climate change and environmental scaremongering — as promoted by actors with IQs about the same as their shoe size — of course!


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