Migrant On Migrant Violence: Boy Beaten And Raped By Fellow Travellers

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Fears of rape epidemic in Sweden as more and more under-age boys are raped in asylum centres, often by other migrants as was the case with one 15 year old boy who was brutally assaulted. 

The case of one 15 year old unnamed child is horrific in its detail. The child who came to Sweden as a migrant from Afghanistan like many of the 2,636 underage migrants that had come before him. He was only in Malmo, Sweden for a few days before other members of his asylum centre took him to a field, beat him and brutally raped him, reports Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter.

The boy came to Sweden with virtually nothing other than a smartphone, clothing and a few family momentos. Two boys from his asylum centre first offered to take him out to the local supermarket but he refused. A day later they asked him if he wanted to come out with them and this time he agreed.

The boys took the 15 year-old into a field not too far from the centre near a motorway late at night after all the shops closed. One of the older Afghan boys struck him about the head and knocked him down into the mud. The other attacker pinned the victim down and raped him for what the victim described as at least 10 minutes. “Every time I screamed, he hit me and held my mouth,”  the victim would later tell police.  The victim fought for his life shouting for the boys to stop but they just bloodied him further and he was raped a second time by the other boy.

After returning to the centre the 15 year-old was told not to tell police or anyone at the asylum centre. The older boys even followed him into the shower pinned him down, pinched his nose and almost drowned him with the shower water. “I could not breathe through my nose and almost fainted,” the boy told police.  

After the perpetrators fell asleep that night the 15 year old sneaked out of bed and told the workers in charge of the asylum centre what had happened to him. “If you find out that crime in their home country so everyone would get revenge, take the law into their own hands. It is the worst crime you can do in Afghanistan,” said one of the asylum centre workers, himself an Afghan, when he heard what had happened.

The police arrested the two Afghan boys and they are currently awaiting trial with a date set for February 29th of this year. “What has happened has made the boy feel ruined for life,” Jorgen Ore Unger, the lawyer who will represent the victim, said.

Sexual abuse and violence involving underage teenage migrants in Sweden is a growing epidemic. There are at least six cases of molestation of young boys in asylum centres in Sweden in the court system at the moment, some of them so shocking that they involve the production of child pornography as the rapists filmed their acts on their smartphones. An underage migrant also made headlines and sparked outrage after he murdered a worker at an asylum home a week ago.


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