Drugs, Lies, And Death: Inside The World Of Suzanne Evans’ Lawyer


The lawyer of Suspended UK Independence Party (UKIP) activist and former Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans has been profiled in the Daily Telegraph, as he works to defend his brother over the death of his gay lover.

Published Saturday, the Telegraph reported of lawyer Richard Hendron and his involvement in a high-profile “chemsex” trial involving his own brother:

In two weeks time, Richard will attempt to persuade a judge at the Old Bailey that his twin brother, Henry, should not be jailed for supplying the drugs that led to the death of his 18-year-old boyfriend, who died while sleeping next to him last January. Since then, Henry has lost everything, not least his glittering career as a senior civil barrister, with clients including the Earl of Cardigan and Nadine Dorries MP. And on May 3rd he faces a sentence which could see him jailed for three years or more.

“I can see no other case, no matter how serious, which will ever take up my thoughts and nightmares as this one has,” says Richard.

“My family and our friends will be watching, and it would devastate my mother if he was sent to prison. But above all, I know prison would break Henry.”

The 35-year-old looks exhausted – the strain of the past year beginning to show.

It was in the bedroom next door where Henry’s boyfriend, Miguel Jimenez, was found dead on the morning of January 20, 2015.

“That morning, I’d had a call from Henry, who was very distraught,” says Richard. “He said: ‘I need help, there’s problems with Miguel’. I was just leaving my house in Richmond so I turned the car around straight away and drove into town.

“When I arrived, he was a wreck. There were about eight officers there and I knew he was going to be arrested because they weren’t allowing me to see him.”

All he could do was watch as his brother was taken out of the flat in handcuffs, marched downstairs past his fellow barristers on their way to the office and driven away in a police car.

The night before, Henry and Miguel had made dinner in the flat and shared some wine. At midnight Miguel had taken G – a sedative drug otherwise known as GHB or liquid ecstasy, which when mixed with alcohol can be lethal. When Henry woke the next morning Miguel was lying dead next to him.

Since that day, Richard – who was unaware of the extent of Henry’s drug abuse until his arrest – has fought to clear Henry’s name.

Richard was accustomed to standing by Henry in court – but as his ally in the high-profile cases taken on by the chambers where they both worked, not as his defence counsel against charges of intent to supply drugs. He never imagined he would one day see his own brother in the dock.

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