Calais: One Dead, Several Injured in Migrant Brawl


A migrant was killed and several injured in clashes between Afghan and Sudanese migrants near the Calais “jungle” camp last night.

The brawl took place between the migrant campsite and the A16 where every night migrants attempt to break into cars and trucks that are headed to Britain.

A 30-year old male migrant from Sudan died in hospital of stab wounds around two hours after the fight broke out.

A spokesman for the Pas-de-Calais prefecture confirmed that a Sudanese man who accompanied the deceased victim is being treated for a head wound in Calais Hospital.

Firefighters who rushed to the scene last night reported that fifteen migrants were injured during the clashes.

“We found bodies everywhere, along the highway, at Fort Verde Marck near Calais … the waste”, a fireman told reporters.

Police were alerted to the brawl by farmers whose fields border the highway which leads to the port of Calais.

“We were trying to give food to our animals when we heard cries”, a farmer disclosed.

“We’ve had a lot of damage in our fields , but this is the first time there are people wounded and one dead”.

Farmers in Marck report that migrants have caused tens of thousands of Euros worth of damage to their crops and infrastructure. The town’s mayor, Pierre-Henri Dumont, said the so-called “jungle” camp “should be closed at night to prevent migrants going out and committing damage.”

Police have warned of growing tension in the area as the number of forceful attempts by migrants to break into vehicles has risen from “five a night to around 15, 20” in recent weeks.

Earlier this month rioting migrants firebombed a lorry, and dragged debris onto the motorway leading to the port, setting fire to it in a bid to slow vehicles down enough to smash their way inside.

Police say along with the nightly tactic of using large tree branches and other items to obstruct the road, migrants are increasingly themselves lying on it in their bid to break into the UK.

French authorities have revealed the number of migrants now living in the so-called “jungle” has risen by 53-per-cent in just the last two months.


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