Four Shot In Migrant City of Malmo, Child Avoids Bullet By ‘Centimetres’


A child narrowly avoided being shot by just “centimetres” during a drive-by shooting in the Swedish city of Malmö Sunday night, police have said.

Shooting broke out in the south of the city in the early evening, with four people injured. Sydsvenskan reports police took of the injured to hospital while the other three were able to make their own way there, a spokesman said.

“The attackers were able to flee on scooters. An inquiry has been opened for attempted murder. No suspect has been apprehended,” local police said.

Local radio station P4 Malmöhus also reported an apartment was hit with bullets during the shooting, with several children inside.

Spokesman Mats Attin said: “It’s a miracle there aren’t more people in hospital.”

“At least one bullet, but probably two, went into that apartment and a child was very close to being hit,” he said. “We’re talking about a few centimetres.”

Following the incident, police had to cordon off the emergency room in Malmo after around 100 members of the wounded people’s families had crowded the entrance. Only the very closest relatives were allowed in.

A witness at the hospital posted a description of the chaos to Facebook last night:

“Damn, I’m in the emergency room in Malmo and what a f***** [mess]. Screaming and yelling. Turns out now there are around 50 Arabs who are arguing and fighting. The whole place is swarming with police and they have blocked it off so you either get out or in. Blood everywhere. Feels terrible to be here now.”

Malmö has become notorious in recent years with migrant gangs fighting one another on the streets even to the point of launching grenade attacks on one another.

Breitbart London reported last year how native Swedes are nearly a minority in the city now, while the local police force has described itself as “seriously understaffed”.

An assessment by Malmö police admitted that a programme of crime reduction had had no effect. “The number of shootings and bombings in Malmö have not declined despite the measures,” it said.

Last August, Sweden’s police chief agreed to send hundreds more officers to the city, admitting it was going through “troubled times”.

Dan Eliasson said there were a variety of reasons behind the increasing number of grenade attacks and bombings. It was not fair call the attacks terrorism, he said, instead many are actually “revenge for historical injustices”.

“We have already reinforced Malmö with staff for the acute situation, but if more is needed I am prepared to make those decisions. It could be reconnaissance resources, investigators, bomb technicians, helicopters, anything.”


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