Sex Attacks, Brawling, Theft: Far Left Youth Club Admits Migrant Outreach Failed

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A far-left political club and youth centre in Leipzig has issued a statement admitting its outreach efforts with migrants resulted in a huge increase in sex attacks, brawling, and theft.

Women began avoiding dance nights as a result, nightclub Conne Island revealed in their statement which condemns the tendency on the left to trivialise migrant sex attacks on the basis that they are a “marginalised” group.

The club’s staff explained that last year, concerned by reports that “right-wing mobs” were greeting migrants with “verbal and physical abuse”, they were moved to reach out to the newcomers.

To help migrants integrate, Conne Island organised skateboarding and bicycling workshops along with German lessons to “promote integration”. As a further encouragement to participate, the group set a fee of just 50 cents for migrants to visit the club.

The number of sex attacks and violent confrontations at dance nights soared as a result of the decision.  Consequently, female guests began to avoid the club.

“To integrate young migrants just by celebrating together turned out to be quite a naive plan,” Conne Island concedes, adding: “It was simply not enough to hang multilingual posters outlining how to behave at parties.”

One security guard reported that whenever they tried to throw migrants out, left-wing activists would yell at door staff, calling them racist. Foreign troublemakers then took to accusing security of racism each time they were challenged.

Conne Island admits: “It’s a very difficult situation for us to express all of this because we don’t want to play into the hands of the Alternative for Germany and Christian Democratic Union party’s racism.

“However, the situation is so tense and stressful for many victims and also Conne Island staff that avoiding talking about the facts no longer seems appropriate.”

Arguing there “should be no double standards” when it comes to sexism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism, the statement condemns the tendency of left-wing activists to excuse, conceal or trivialise migrants’ bad behaviour.

Bringing up responses to the decision of several nightclubs to limit access to migrants, Conne Island urges other left-wing groups to stop trivialising and making excuses for sexual violence when the perpetrators are foreign.

Earlier in the year, as hundreds of thousands of migrants entered Germany, a number of clubs modified their door policies after witnessing a massive increase in sexual assaults, attacks on bouncers, and pickpocketing.

Many far-left groups were furious, asserting that attacks on women have no relation to migrants and are a matter of sexism, of which they said white men are just as guilty. Moreover, they argued that as members of a marginalised group, discrimination against migrants is always unacceptable.

Conne Island writes: “The ‘cry for help’ of the left-wing White Rabbit club in Freiburg and the reactions from the press and leftist circles clearly showed how difficult this subject is; Solidarity [with victims of sexual assault], solidarity with refugees, [the issue of] playing into right-wing attitudes. We must recognise that wearing a ‘refugees welcome’ badge does not automatically make problems go away.”

Issuing a plea for left-wing activists to adopt “zero tolerance” rules to discriminatory behaviour, the statement concludes: “The principles we have fought for in this club for the past 25 years must stay — both despite and because of the turbulent social situation in which we find ourselves now.”


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