Fact-Check Finds Majority of Anti-Migrant Attacks Recorded By Pro-Asylum Group Are False


At least 80 per cent of events listed by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation as “refugee-hostile acts” are not what the ex-Stasi led far left group claims, a journalist has claimed after a fact check on their records.

The publicly funded, pro-censorship body runs a website entitled “Courage against right-wing violence” on which “refugee-hostile incidents” they claim have been committed by right-wing extremists are listed.

With this list, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation produces reports which have stated there has been a “massive increase” in the number of such events. At the end of June, the organisation said that “the number of attacks on refugees and their accommodation has more than doubled in 2016 compared to the first half of last year.”

Investigating the cases recorded for Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, the editor of a local newspaper discovered that four, if not all five, of those listed fail to fit the profile of “refugee-hostile acts”.

Ansgar Mönter notes that the five attacks the foundation identify as having taken place in the city since early 2015 include an assault, a case of arson, and three attacks on asylum centres.

The arson listed by the body refers to an incident from April in which a fire broke out in one of the laundry rooms of migrant housing. There was no evidence suggesting any involvement of outsiders, police confirmed.

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation explained that because the case has not been resolved, it will appear in 2017 figures as a suspected case of right-wing violence.

Another alleged anti-refugee incident was the discovery of printouts in Bielefeld which featured “symbols of unconstitutional organisations”. While Mönter acknowledges that police considered the existence of the leaflets a “politically motivated right-wing crime”, he points out that they had nothing to do with refugees.

The assault recorded actually occurred in Paderborn, not in Bielefeld, but Mönter notes that “inadvertently [the foundation] had listed this incident for the city of Bielefeld twice”.

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation acknowledged this error in a statement on Friday, stating that the event “should have been assigned to nearby Paderborn”.

The Neue Westfälische editor says he believes “only one event is, at least theoretically,  a possible refugee-hostile incident”, but adds: “Even if the police classified the rampage of five young men in November last year as ‘frustration due to private problems’, without racist motivation.”

Two drunks had thrown plant pots at a refugee centre in Paderborner Strasse and lit firecrackers. The foundation noted a “completely different problem” with regards to this event, namely with the police’s assessment of the motive.

Marius Münstermann, who maintains statistics for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, said of the incident: “The information given by the police made me sceptical”.

The controversial body, founded and run by ex-Stasi agent Anetta Kahane, helps run the government crackdown on individuals who criticise open door mass migration and the violent behaviour of migrants towards the German people.

Breitbart London has previously reported on how the Amadeu Antonio Foundation has warned that families who are “cheerful” and “inconspicuous” show symptoms of being right wing and are consequently dangerous.

The organisation also identified “a link between rural life and racism” in a report commissioned by the government, and suggested that people living environmentally-friendly lifestyles in the countryside should be monitored for radical views.


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