Cologne Police Ignored New Year’s Eve Migrant Rape Emergency Calls


A new book dealing with the migrant rape crisis in Cologne on New Year’s Eve reveals police were ignoring emergency calls from the public following attacks for hours longer than previously thought.

Released in time for the first anniversary of the shocking migrant crime rampage in Cologne which was initially ignored by German national media but echoed around the world after being reported by Breitbart London, the new book claims police were made aware of migrant sex attacks early in the evening.

Titled ‘The Night That Changed Germany’, the book describes how young women attacked on New Year’s Eve approached police officers in Central cologne but were told to telephone the police to make a complaint because those on duty were too busy to respond. As Cologne regional paper the Express reports, the book describes how one of those young women — just 17 at the time of the attack — found no police willing or able to help her despite following that advice and calling the emergency line.

Describing the attack, the young woman told the authors of the book: “We were grabbed from all sides, my dress was pulled up… we tried to defend ourselves, but we had no chance. As soon as we could remove a grip on us, we were again grabbed from another direction on the crotch”.

The revelations in the new book, written by editors from the German regional Express newspaper which was among the first news outlets to report on the attacks show police were aware of the migrant attacks hours before they had previously admitted to. Having previously claimed ignorance to the scale of the sexual harassment in the earlier evening, police had said to be only aware of fireworks being set off in the Cathedral square.

While debate over the extent to which Cologne’s local government actively moved and ordered police to cover up the rape attacks rages on, officers in the area are determined not to be caught short again. As reported by Breitbart London, the force is planning to flood-light the area around the Cathedral and railway station this year, and deploy helicopters to monitor criminality.

Officers and translators will also monitor migrant social media to gain foresight on any potential attacks after it was revealed migrants had planned where to meet on New Year’s Eve on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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