New Furore as ‘Neutral’ Speaker Lauded Immigration, Admits he Voted Remain

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Commons speaker John Bercow has become involved in a fresh row after he admitted voting Remain and has been caught telling students that mass immigration is great.

Already facing a vote of no confidence from angry MPs over his demand that U.S. President Trump be barred from speaking to MPs, it has emerged that the speaker made a liberal rant to students at Reading University.

Parliamentary rules state: “The Speaker is the chief officer and highest authority of the House of Commons and must remain politically impartial at all times … therefore, on election the new Speaker must resign from their political party and remain separate from political issues even in retirement.”

But in an 80 minute question and answer session, seen by the Telegraph, it was revealed Bercow told students:  “Personally, I voted to remain. I thought it was better to stay in the European Union than not.”

He said this was mainly for “economic reasons” and that it was better to be involved than out on our own.

The speaker also slammed “untruths” that he says were told during the campaign, adding that “promises were made that could not be kept.”

People and bodies who back mass migration are a “good thing” according to Bercow, who slammed Labour for, he said, not doing more to strike a “very clear, resonant, Remain note”.

“If you asked me if I think freedom of movement has been a positive the honest answer is that it has been a positive certainly for the country”, he said.

Former Whitehall chief Lord Kerslake this weekend slammed former chancellor George Osborne’s “project fear” projections that Britain would be worse off if it voted for Brexit, saying they “undermined” Brits’ opinions of the Treasury.

Earlier this week Breitbart London reported that former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, called Bercow an “embarrassment to the British Parliament” for his remarks on the president.


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