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Poll: British Support Trump Visit

A new poll has shown that President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK is welcomed by a plurality of voters with just shy of half thinking the visit should go ahead.

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FLASHBACK: UK Deep State Set Aside Cash for EU Elections in May 2018

Remain-supporting Commons speaker John Bercow had the Electoral Commission set aside hundreds of thousands of pounds to fight the EU’s May 2019 elections all the way back in May 2018, when it was still the official policy that Britain would be leaving the bloc on March 29th.


Lane: Endless Voting on Brexit Is Absurd. So Why Are Politicians Pushing to Make Britons Vote Again?

The Speaker of the British House of Commons has laid down why Members of Parliament shouldn’t be repeatedly asked the same question by the Government in a move which may very well put paid to the Government’s plans to force a third vote on Theresa May’s twice-rejected Brexit deal, making the United Kingdom a non-voting member of the European Union under the pretext of honouring the Brexit vote.


Bercow Facing ‘No Confidence Vote’ after Trump Ban

Conservative MPs are reportedly planning to call for a vote of no confidence in House of Commons Speaker John Bercow after he effectively banned U.S. President Donald J. Trump from speaking in Parliament.


Pressure Building on Bercow as More MPs Criticise Trump Ban

Pressure was building on House of Commons Speaker John Bercow Tuesday afternoon as an increasing number of MPs spoke out against his decision to effectively ban U.S. President Donald J. Trump from speaking to Parliament.


Lord Speaker Slaps Down Bercow over Trump Ban

The Speaker of the House of Lords has slapped down his counterpart in the House of Commons over his decision to effectively ban U.S. President Donald J. Trump from addressing Parliament.


Trump Not Welcome to Speak in UK Parliament, Says Speaker

The Speaker of the UK House of Commons, John Bercow, has accused U.S. President Donald J. Trump of “sexism and racism” and said he will block him from addressing the Houses of Parliament during his UK state visit.