Interior Ministry Admits Migrant Crime Up 50 Per Cent in 2016, Contuining Year-on-Year Trend

Migrant Crime
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Germany’s interior ministry has once against reported a significant rise in crimes committed by so-called asylum seekers, “tolerated foreigners”, and unauthorised foreigners in the country, with the migrants in the groups suspected of crimes rising by over half since 2016.

The number of migrants who were suspected of crimes in 2016 rose to 616,230 reports German newspaper Welt, excluding crimes that only migrants can commit so to give a balanced view compared to normal German citizens. Those excluded crimes include entering Germany illegally and overstaying the permitted period of residence.

While the crimes committed by migrants is small compared to all crime in Germany — just 8.6 per cent of the total — the statistics show the immigrant groups counted are significantly over-represented in the statistics, suggesting they may commit more crime, or are caught more often than the average native German criminal.

Some 31 per cent of those suspected immigrants stood accused of more than one crime, the report said.

While they account for 8.6 per cent of the crimes, they make up just two per cent of the whole national population. The Figure is up from 5.7 per cent of all crime in 2015, the previous year of figures to have been released.

The report also shows a propensity towards certain crimes — again compared to the two per cent of the population they make up, the migrant groups account for 15 per cent of assault and sexual assault, and one tenth of burglaries. These figures have also risen compared to the last release of statistics covering 2015.

The count does not include long settled foreigners with residence and jobs, and tourists. Most criminal foreign groups were shown in the statistics to be from the Balkans, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Syrians were the single largest group of foreign offenders but were also the largest single group of migrants to have arrived in the country recently — other foreign nations beat them in crimes per head of population in Germany.

One noted growth area for migrant crime in 2016 was a politically motivated crime, including that by Jihadists and Kurdish militants. German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere called the trend of rising political violence “unacceptable”.

Breitbart London reported in May 2016 when these statistics were last released, which then also showed a steep rise in migrant crime. Just like in the following year overall crime had risen as well — however, statistical analysis showed that if crime by recently arrived migrants was stripped out of the statistics, overall crime would have actually fallen.

That report followed another in 2015 reporting the end of year statistics, which again showed a rise in migrant crime in the state of Saxony and came among hundreds of reports by Breitbart London including the migrant crisis livewire, reporting on the Cologne sex attacks, and numerous swimming pool sexual assaults against children and young women.

Germany has admitted more than one million migrants since 2015 as part of a policy of open borders, which has seen significant damage done to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s poll ratings as she heads to a national election later this year.

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