Corbyn Won’t Use Brand New Campaign Bus Due to Environmental Views


Jeremy Corbyn will avoid using his new campaign bus because of concerns about CO2 emissions and the environment, aides have revealed.

A source close to the hardline Labour leader revealed his reluctance to travel in the bus to The Sun, claiming it was because of his “anti-carbon footprint” views.

Instead, the bearded, socialist veteran will travel up and down the country on a train, it was reported.

A draft of Labour’s general election manifesto leaked to the press Wednesday night included several hardline environmentalist policies.

The decision not to use the bus is not out of character for Mr. Corbyn, who is known for his alternative views and lifestyle.

He is a vegetarian due to his views on the environment and animal welfare, something Prime Minister Theresa May mocked him for Thursday.

Quizzed by a vegan voter, the foxhunt supporting Mrs May said it was a “personal choice”, adding: “I’m afraid I eat meat, I’ll admit that.”

Mr. Corbyn is also frequently pictured in scruffy clothes – part of his stereotypical left-wing appearance. He rarely wore a suit or did up his shirt top button before becoming the leader of Her Majesty’s opposition.

He is also anti-war, opposed to all nuclear weapons, and has previously called for the British army to be slashed or scrapped.

He has even refused to sing the national anthem because of his views on nationalism and the monarchy.


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