2017 General Election

Pollster: UK Youth Vote Overstated?

The widely circulated claim there was a 72 per cent turnout amongst young voters last week has been debunked by the first major survey on the demographics of who voted in the general election.

Jeremy Corbyn Momentum

Battle Buses Still Play Driving Role in UK Election

LONDON (AFP) – Despite the growing use of social media to reach voters, British election campaigns still revolve around leaders trundling across the country on “battle buses” to drive their message home. A garish, oblong campaign slogan on wheels —

Battle Bus

Election Campaign Resumes After Manchester Attack

MANCHESTER (UNITED KINGDOM) (AFP) – Britain’s politicians resume campaigning in earnest on Friday with national security thrust into the spotlight as police scramble to bust a Libya-linked jihadist network thought to be behind the Manchester terror attack. Prime Minister Theresa

police and soldier