WATCH — Kassam Tells MSNBC: ‘We Are at War with Sharia’

Breitbart London’s Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam appeared on MSNBC and told host Ari Melber that the West was at war with Sharia.

Correcting Melber that Islam “is not a religion of a billion plus people”, Kassam asserted: “There are a billion plus Muslims, but you can’t say they all subscribe to Sharia. You can’t put them all in one box. There are Shias, Sunnis, Ismailis, Ahmadiyyahs – they all believe in different things.

“Let’s make it very clear: we’re not at war with all these people. We’re at war with Sharia. 

“It’s a fascist ideology that says you should cut off a person’s hand and foot if they get in the way of spreading Islam,” said Kassam. 

We’re trying to save Muslims from getting radicalised,” he added. 

Referencing his recently-published book, No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You, Kassam pointed to the fact that radical Islam is a problem facing not just non-Muslims, but that Muslims in the West face a threat from “other Muslims trying to radicalise them, trying to draw them into a literalist, fundamentalist interpretation of the Quran”.

Melber conceded that “the use and abuse of militant sharia Islam is a way of asserting… state sponsored violence”, and asked Kassam about Breitbart London’s focus of Sharia law in Europe.

“We’ve got a prime minister on record saying that Sharia law is good for Britain. I don’t think Sharia law is good for Britain and I’m a former Muslim who will stand up and say that,” said Kassam.

Referencing the epidemic of migrant sex attacks that has plagued Europe since the beginning of the migrant crisis, Kassam said: “In 2015, we had this open borders ‘come one, come all’ claim from Angela Merkel that forced a real crisis on Europe.

“It’s forcing a crisis of integration, employment, and sex attacks. If you look at what happened in Cologne where over 1,000 young women were raped, groped, and harassed by men of migrant background at the central station, this is a legitimate thing to worry about.”

“We want to represent the stories that are not represented by the mainstream, establishment media,” explained the Breitbart London chief editor. “This migrant sex attack issue is a real problem, and I lay the statistics out very clear in my book. If anyone’s not sure of the data, it’s all there.

“I’m not trying to scare people. I don’t need to try and scare people. What’s going on is horrific. It’s not just non-Muslims they’re attacking. They’re attacking their own women, forcing them to wear niqabs and burqas. This is not what liberalism is about.”

No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You published by Regnery Publishing, is available from

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