Asylum Home Security Accused of ‘Pimping’ Migrants into Prostitution

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An investigative report by German media has revealed that security personnel in Berlin asylum homes have been forcing migrants, some of them underage, into prostitution.

The report, carried out by television programme Frontal 21, claims that security guards in various asylum homes have forced many migrants, men and women, into sex work. A security guard, who works at multiple asylum homes, claimed that there was an entire network of pimps who were making money from the asylum seekers, Der Spiegel reports.

According to the security guard, security personnel are often the first contact for migrants who wind up becoming sex workers. He said that the demand for young men and boys was especially high in the German capital.

A 20-year-old Afghan asylum seeker told the programme about his personal experiences saying that a security guard had approached him offering him a job as a male prostitute. “The security officer told me that for sex with a woman you get 30 euros, maybe 40 euros,” he said adding, “I am ashamed of what I am doing.”

Breitbart London has reported on a growing phenomenon in neighbouring Austria of older women preying on young asylum seeker men in which they offer money and gifts for sexual favours.

The report also highlights the growing problem in German asylum homes where migrants are unable or unwilling to find stable employment.

Some migrants have also turned to selling drugs on the streets of Berlin and asylum care workers have reported that Arab gangs often try and recruit new street dealers from asylum homes. According to Benjamin Jendro of the Berlin Police Union: “For the [Arab] clans, there is no risk.”

Some of the drug dealing migrants have even been linked to radical Islamist groups in the city. The most well-known drug dealer Islamist being Berlin Christmas market terror attacker Anis Amri who was known to police months before his attack took place last December.

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