Not Part and Parcel: Hungary Refuses to Accept Radical Islamic Terrorism as ‘Something We Have to Live With’


The Hungarian government has vowed it will never accept radical Islamic terrorism as “something we have to live with”, as the EU subjects it to a “witch-hunt” for its strong stance against open borders and mass migration.

Péter Szijjártó, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s minister for foreign affairs, said it was anti-democratic and unacceptable to brand Hungary un-European because it insists on discussing the “historic challenges” the continent faces, according to The Hungary Journal.

The minister said that encouraging large-scale immigration to Europe has led to a situation where radical Islamic terrorism is now an “everyday phenomenon” — but insisted that “Hungary refuses to accept it as something we have to live with.”

Echoing the President of Poland, who aligns with Hungary on mass migration, Szijjártó argued strongly that the link between the migrant crisis and terrorism was clear.

“1.5 million illegal migrants coming to Europe without any control in the past two years; this movement does offer an opportunity for terrorist organisations to send their fighters without any problem,” he said.

A few days prior, he had warned that Europe faces an “inexhaustible supply of illegal immigrants in Africa, and the EU and Brussels politics that encourages this is a total dead end that is endangering Europe’s security.”

“Hungary wants to remain a Hungarian country. We do not want to become an immigrant country. For this reason we are strongly against all European decisions that encourage African migration,” he added, pointing out that Africa’s population is expected to swell to 2.4 billion by 2050.

Szijjártó’s comments come as his country faces something of an inquisition from the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), which government spokesman Dr Zoltán Kovács describes as “a cross between a ruthless witch-hunt and a show trial familiar from Communist times”.

Dr Kovács claims European officials and MEPs — some of whom appear on a leaked list of “reliable allies” compiled for financier and open borders campaigner George Soros, who has been a determined foe of Hungary’s conservative leaders — are applying “double standards” to Hungary in order to punish it for its attempts to reform the rules governing foreign universities, increase transparency for foreign-funded NGOs, and, in particular, its refusal to accept EU-imposed migrant quotas.

“Hungary does not accept the fact that European institutions want to determine the number of refugees that countries must accept on a mandatory basis,” he declared.

“This must remain within a national sphere of competence.”

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