Video, Pix: Thousands Attend Day For Freedom Rally, Media Blackout

LONDON, United Kingdom: Thousands of Free Speech fans rallied on London’s Whitehall Sunday, protesting directly outside Downing Street on the first Day For Freedom march.

Speakers including Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam, UKIP leader Gerard Batten, former English Defence League leader and street organiser turned citizen journalist Tommy Robinson, and YouTube comedian Count Dankula.

Organisers estimate that between four and six thousand attended the event, with approximately 200 counter-protesters staying briefly at the beginning of the event.

Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam spoke throughout the day introducing the other guest speakers / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

Organisers estimate that between four and six thousand people attended the event, with some having marched to London’s Whitehall from Hyde Park / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

The size of the rally and the failure of counter-protestors evidently surprised London leftists, with The Guardian reporting the comments of anti-Free speech protester Freddi Hyde-Thompson who “was shocked to find the counter-protesters outnumbered.” He said: “It’s really worrying… This cannot come to London and there be more of them than there are of us.”

The Evening Standard reports there was one arrest at the event in connection with a public order offence and the possession of class-A drugs. It is not clear on what side of the protests that arrest took place.

In keeping with the nature of the event, many of the placards carried in the rally were of a somewhat humorous nature / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

It is not clear if Peter Hitchens is aware you can buy t-shirts with his face on / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

Messages of support for freedom, including Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam taking to the stage to express his “love” for the presence of the left-wing counter demonstration as a welcome expression of freedom of speech was not matched on the other side of the barricade. Anti-Freedom of Speech demonstrators were recorded at the event chanting that their enemies should shoot themselves.

Coverage of the event on mainstream media broadcasters such as the BBC television news was notable by its absence, and stood in strong contrast to coverage to other recent protests. Breitbart London reported at the time of the announcement of President Trump’s visit to London in December that despite only gathering a couple of dozen of supporters, an anti-Trump protest outside the U.S. embassy received enormous media attention.

A wide variety of flags were in evidence / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

Many of those speaking on the Sunday Day for Freedom rally have been censored or banned from social media platforms / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

Supporters started arriving hours before the event officially began / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

Whitehall’s Women at War memorial /Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

The rally attracted an anti-Freedom of Speech counter-protest. The two groups were kept apart by officers of the Metropolitan Police / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

Despite a small scuffle towards the start of the day proceedings were calm and well natured, and the counter-protest vanished very quickly after the event kicked off / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

Officers stand baton-ready / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

Islamic YouTuber Mohammed Hijab is surrounded by officers / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

The presence of the Kekistani flag elicited mirth / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

The crowds built prior to commencement of proceedings / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

It is was not clear what he wanted Commies to get out of, however / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

The Brexit-tricycle of free cupcakes made a welcome appearance / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

A general view looking towards Westminster along Whitehall / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

UKIP Supporters turned out to hear leader Gerard Batten speak / Liam Craik-Horan / Breitbart London

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