Italian Newspaper Claims ‘Global Elite’ Working to Transform Europe Through Mass Migration


Italian writer Giampaolo Rossi has claimed that elites across Europe are attempting to change the nature of the continent by facilitating the mass migration of millions from Africa to Europe.

Mr Rossi cited a recent interview with Africa expert Stephen Smith who said that “within two generations, at least 100 million young Africans will be ready to come to Europe”, noting that 40 percent of Africans today are under the age of 15.

“This exodus will destabilise our societies,” Rossi writes in a post for his blog on Italian newspaper Il Giornale and notes that integration can take up to one or two generations.

Rossi blames the “globalist elite” claiming that people like Hungarian-born left-wing billionaire George Soros are behind the push for mass migration into Europe, calling the process the “Soros Plan”.

The term Soros Plan has been used before by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who has successfully rallied against the influence of Mr Soros and his considerable network of civil society groups.

Following the landslide victory of Orbán’s Fidesz party earlier this year, Soros’s Open Society Foundations, which gives out cash to leftist pressure groups and community organisers, announced it would be moving from Budapest to Berlin. OSF was found to be funding pro-open borders NGOs following the height of the migrant crisis in 2015.

Some pro-mass migration advocates cite the declining birthrate of Europeans for the need to import millions of Africans, Rossi notes, and adds that financial elites need migrants to keep “the gears of the debt-credit system on their feet”.

Rossi outlines eight points which Europe must follow to prevent catastrophe including: strengthening external borders; limiting the number of legal migrants; demand African governments to control their territory with force if needed; declare “total war” on organised criminal traffickers; the “cessation of policies of criminal aggression toward sovereign nations”; and strong investment in Africa.

“The barbarity of this globalisation leaves no room for mediation: the African Europe that the elite is willing to accept to keep alive its system of control and domination must be fought,” Rossi adds.

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