Off-Duty Paris Police Officer Brutally Attacked While Helping Accident Victims

A French woman gendarme gestures in front of the new gendarmerie in La Rochelle western Fr

A female off-duty police officer was brutally attacked after coming to the aid of victims of a serious traffic accident — the attacker being one of the passengers of the crashed vehicle.

The crash occurred early afternoon on Saturday in the nineteenth arrondissement of Paris and saw the driver of a Peugeot 206 lose control of their vehicle on the rue de Belleville near the Metro station Télégraphe. The car then hit a construction site and flipped several times, ejecting the driver who was declared dead an hour later, Le Parisien reports.

The female officer, who was off-duty but witnessed the crash attempted to help the four remaining passengers inside, including a baby. When she also took photographs of the scene to aid her colleagues in preserving the scene of the accident, one of the passengers jumped out of the car and began to brutally attack her with fists and a car jack.

As a result of the attack, the female officer became unconscious and the passengers attempted to escape the scene on foot but were arrested a short time later by Gendarmes in the area. The officer was taken to a local hospital a short time after the attack.

Both the passenger and the driver of the vehicle tested positive for cocaine use. The attacker is also said to be well-known to police, has had a series of convictions for various crimes in the past and was only recently released from prison.

Eddy Sid, a representative for the Unité SGP Police-Force Ouvrière union commented on the incident saying, “We have a colleague, whose bravery I salute, who comes to rescue the wounded, reassure them, and all that she gets in return is a cowardly aggression and a rain of blows.”

The incident is not the first time a female officer has been brutally attacked in France. Over New Year’s Eve, a video showing a mob of “youths” kicking and beating a female officer went viral across the country sparking outrage.

In May, another police officer in Paris was attacked by an illegal migrant who rammed his vehicle into an officer who attempted to conduct a routine traffic stop. The officer had to be rushed to hospital following the incident after receiving serious injuries. The attacker was also well-known to police and had only recently been released from prison.

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