Swedish SJW Facing Jail After Blocking Deportation of Criminal Afghan


Pro-immigration activist Elin Ersson could face up to six months in jail after disrupting a flight to prevent the deportation of a criminal Afghan asylum seeker, as prosecutors in Sweden said they have indicted the 21-year-old for breaking aviation laws.

The student was hailed as a heroine by the liberal international media in July when she single-handedly blocked the Afghan’s deportation flight from Gothenburg to Turkey, livestreaming her protest to Facebook.

Prosecutors said Ersson had refused to comply with requests from the Turkish Airlines captain during her stand, footage from which shows concerned cabin crew attempt to reason with the self-proclaimed activist, as she tearily claimed that sending a person to Afghanistan amounted to condemning that individual to death.

Having booked a seat on the July 23 flight with the intention to disrupt deportation proceedings, Ersson refused to sit down unless the 50-year-old Afghan, who Swedish police have confirmed received a prison sentence for assault, was removed from the aeroplane.

Despite facing a fine and up to six months’ jail time, the campaigner insists she did nothing wrong, stating: “To send someone there is in practice sending someone to their death.”

“As someone who is against the death penalty, it is only right to stand up for those who are faced with being deported to a land in war,” she told The New York Times in an email.

Gudrun Romeborn of ‘Sitdown Strike’, a collective of open borders activists to which Ersson belongs, saluted the student’s inspiring “bravery” as he told The Guardian a large number of Swedes are working to stop deportations because asylum seekers in Sweden “are not criminals”.

As previously reported by Breitbart London, it emerged that a Somali man, whose deportation from Britain was stopped by around a dozen Social Justice Warrior passengers on a commercial flight to Turkey in a similar protest was a gang rapist who committed the crime alongside an individual who went on to become an ISIS jihadi in Syria.


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