Mounted Police Lead ‘Several Charges’ Against Dutch Yellow Vest Protest

Getty Images

THE HAGUE, Dec 29 (Reuters) – Dutch police on horseback broke up a protest on Saturday by “yellow vest” demonstrators who threw rocks and fireworks at them, a statement said.

The police statement said the mounted officers “carried out several charges” to end the demonstration in The Hague, which had not been approved by authorities and had turned violent.

Eight protesters were detained for disturbing the peace after clashing with police, the statement said.

Around 150-200 demonstrators took part in the protest march near government offices, wearing the hi-vis jackets also worn by anti-government protesters in France.

Dutch TV showed footage of the protesters in front of parliament waving Dutch flags, shouting anti-government slogans and later trying to break through a police cordon. Several mounted police and dozens of officers on foot could be seen.

There were no injuries, police said.

In France, meanwhile, demonstrators kept numerous roads across the country blocked on Saturday as groups of protesters gathered in city centres, but the anti-government backlash was more muted than in previous weeks. (Reporting by Anthony Deutsch; Editing by Alison Williams)


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