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The Hague

Chinese Military: We Should Give South China Sea Rivals a ‘Bloody Nose’

Chinese military officials speaking to Reuters under condition of anonymity say they are hoping to encourage Beijing to allow them to give a “bloody nose” to Vietnam, the Philippines, and other states claiming territory in the South China Sea, where China claims most of the resource-rich waters.

China : JH-7 fighter-bombers of the Jinan Military Region of Chinas PLA Air Force fly over islands during a combat training, 4 September 2012. China is stepping up live-ammunition combat trainings over island dispute with Japan.

Frank Gaffney: China Will Aggressively Fight South China Sea Ruling

Center for Security Policy founder Frank Gaffney joined SirusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about The Hague’s decision against Chinese territorial claims, a momentous event that seems likely to increase tensions across the Pacific Rim.

South China Sea Military

Taiwan Is Latest Nation to Arrest Chinese Fishermen in South China Sea

The nations in the community of the South China Sea have begun to take growing action against China’s intrusions into their waters. The latest country to arrest Chinese fishermen present illegally in their territory is Taiwan, which has announced the arrest of 41 fishermen in possession of illegal turtles and coral in their territorial waters.

AT SEA : This handout photo taken on January 6, 2016 and released on January 25, 2016 by the Taiwan Coast Guard shows Taiwan's coastguard (R) using a water cannon to spray a Vietnamese fishing boat, some 2.5 nautical miles (around 4,600 metres) off Taiping Island, an Taiwan-administered islet in …

South China Sea: Indonesia Emerges as Power Player with Attack on Taiwanese Ships

Following the arrest of the crew of a Chinese ship allegedly fishing illegally in its waters, the government of Indonesia is facing regional criticism for shooting at two Taiwanese ships that it also alleges had trespassed into Indonesian territory. The recent incidents are helping to raise Indonesia’s profile as a formidable player in growing tensions in the South China Sea.


Indonesia: We, Too, Could Take China to Court over South China Sea

Indonesia’s defense chief told reporters Wednesday that it, too, may take China to court over its outrageous territorial claims in the South China Sea, following the Philippines’ request for the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague to address the matter. The Hague has accepted the petition.

KUANTAN, MALAYSIA - MARCH 15: A member of the Malaysian Navy makes a call as their ship approaches a ship belonging to the Chinese Coast Guard during an exchange of communication in the South China Sea on March 15, 2014 in Kuantan, Malaysia. During a press conference today the Malaysian …