Farage: If Brexit is Delayed Again Britain Should Have General Election to Replace ‘Failed’ Government

Windswept Farage
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Brexit leader Nigel Farage has called for the British Parliament to be dissolved and fresh elections called by the end of the year if the people are “failed once again” by government refusing to deliver the withdrawal from the European Union that was voted for in 2016.

The United Kingdom was legally bound to leave the European Union with, or without a deal on March 29th 2019, but a weakened Prime Minister Theresa May determined to deliver the so-called withdrawal agreement given to her by Brussels has since delayed that date twice.

Brexit day is now set for October 31st, but concerns run high that Britain’s freedom could once again be denied by whoever replaces May as Conservative Party leader, and hence Prime Minister, in the summer.

Speaking on London’s LBC radio Thursday evening, Brexit leader Farage rejected a second referendum as an affront to democracy, but said a general election to replace Britain’s predominantly anti-Brexit Parliament should be called if the people were failed.

Farage said:

I have to say I am opposed to a second referendum being fought. It seems to me that you can’t hold a second referendum until you have first implemented the original one. It is very anti-democratic and wrong, I think, to force it again.

But I’m going to say this, and I haven’t before. If we have not left on the 31st of October which is the new date that we’re supposed to leave the European Union, if we are failed once again by government and parliament, then I think there should be a general election later this year.

We’ve had enough of being repeatedly made promises that are broken.

Of the potential Conservatives who would replace May as Prime Minister, several have said they want to re-negotiate the failed withdrawal agreement with Brussels, a clear pretext to once again delay Brexit beyond October. But as Mr Farage and the European Union have both pointed out, it is not up for discussion.

In comments made this week, top Eurocrat Michel Barnier said the only options available to Britain now are to leave with no deal, take the deal on the table — which means leaving in name only — or cancelling Brexit altogether.

Mr Farage has accused those pledging to get a renegotiation of talking “absolute rubbish”.

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