Widdecombe: Farage’s Brexit Party Could Win in National Election

Former Conservative party MP and Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe gestures in front of a Br

Newly elected Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe believes that Nigel Farage would win in the next national election.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain on Tuesday from outside of Strasbourg’s European Parliament, the former Conservative Party MP said: “I do believe that Nigel Farage could win a General Election.”

“People are already saying very clearly, very loudly, in poll after poll they want the referendum result honoured. That is what the Brexit Party is about. I believe we would prevail in a General Election for that reason,” Ms Widdecombe added.

The South West England MEP rejected the suggestion that her Brexit Party colleagues may prefer the Tories fail at delivering Brexit if it meant strengthening Mr Farage’s party at the next election, saying adamantly: “That is not the idea at all. I want one thing: Brexit. I want Brexit to be delivered. If there is such a thing… as a Conservative prime minister who can deliver Brexit we will all cheer. But it’s got to be a proper Brexit, a clean Brexit, no more subjugation to their [the EU’s] laws.”

Leave campaigner Boris Johnson and foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is resistant to taking the UK out of the EU without a deal on October 31st, are facing off in a postal ballot of party members this month to become the next Conservative Party leader, and as a result, prime minister.

Asked which of the two candidates the former Tory grandee believed could deliver Brexit by the deadline, Ms Widdecombe reminded viewers that the current British parliament is dominated by Remainers, saying: “The fact is that whoever takes on this job is going to have exactly the same parliamentary situation that Mrs May had and the question is which of them can get through that.”

Brexit Party MEPs took their seats for the first time at the Strasbourg parliament on Tuesday, and in an act of defiance, turned their backs on the chamber during the playing of the European Union’s anthem, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

European Parliament president Antonio Tajani condemned the British MEPs for allegedly disrespecting another nation, the European Union. Brexit MEP Jake Pugh told Breitbart London: “Antonio Tajani said you respect the anthem of another country, but the European Union isn’t a country! We’d absolutely respect other anthems, but presenting the European Union as a country disrespects us, and disrespects the other European member states.”


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