Delingpole: Judicial Enemies of the People Sabotage Brexit Again

Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller speaks to the media outside the Supreme court in centra
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Britain’s Supreme Court has ruled that Boris Johnson’s prorogation is unlawful.

Let’s not waste time poring over the legal niceties of its decision. This is a coup by the judicial establishment, the vast majority of which happens to be comprised of shameless, doctrinaire Remainers.

It’s not, of course, the first time this has happened. Back in 2016, while it was still a pro-Brexit newspaper, the Daily Mail infamously ran a front-page story headlined Enemies of the People.

It was infamous not because what it said was in any way inaccurate — the judicial Establishment is indeed setting itself against the democratically expressed will of the majority of the British people in the EU referendum.

Rather, it became infamous because the liberal elite, pro-Remain Establishment declared it to be so.

Canting, posturing Remainer after canting, posturing Remainer lined up to tell anyone who’d listen just how disgraceful it was of the Mail to suggest that Britain’s senior judges are anything but impartial.

But they are not impartial. We know this from their decision-making which has tended in an almost wholly Remainer direction.

They will say – as every Remainer is already saying on social media – that their personal biases had absolutely no bearing on today’s Supreme Court decision.

No one on the Brexit side of the argument is remotely convinced by this.

It is one of the most basic principles of any functioning democracy that the judiciary is fair, just and impartial – and recognised as such by the majority of the people it serves.

With today’s decision, this patently isn’t the case. The Supreme Court — the very unEnglish creation of that constitutional meddler Tony Blair — is a politicised institution which swings heavily towards Remain and the liberal left.

The judges are holding Boris Johnson’s government hostage, rendering it incapable of responding to the democratic will.

This is a recipe for chaos – and worse. And when the people do revolt, guess who is going to be in charge of their court cases and sentencing…?


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