Populist MEP Predicts Denmark to Leave the EU By 2030

Soldiers of Eurocorps raise an European Union flag during the flag-raising ceremony on the

Populist Danish People’s Party (DF) member of the European Parliament Morten Messerschmidt has predicted that his country will leave the European Union within the next decade due to the success of Brexit.

Morten Messerschmidt MEP, who was formerly an MP in the Danish parliament, said that he believed Brexit will be a success for the UK and that it could lead to further referendums on EU membership in various member states over the next ten years, Danish tabloid B.T. reports.

“I think Brexit will be a great success and that many people around the continent will enviously look at how the British have disengaged – that they have regained power on border control, foreigners, social policy, etc., and it has not hit them financially,” Messerschmidt said and added, “And then I think more countries will demand referendums and opt-out.”

He went on to add that many people in Brussels, the heart of the EU, fear that Brexit will be a success for the UK but said it “may be some time before the dust settles. That’s also why I give it time and say 10 years. At that time, I think there have been referendums in several of the countries.”

He went on to dismiss project fear scaremongering over potential shortages of food and medicines following Brexit saying, “Every time a country threatens to say no to the EU, you hear that the world will collapse. It just hasn’t happened yet. The British have survived and defeated Napoleon, Emperor Wilhelm and Adolf Hitler. So I think they can handle the little challenge of signing out of the EU.”

Members of the DF have long expressed a desire for their country to leave the European Union and already spoke of the idea prior to the UK Brexit referendum in 2016.

Denmark, as a whole, has been sceptical of aspects of the European Union, including the free movement Schengen agreement. Last year the country enacted temporary border controls during the height of the migrant crisis permanent due to continued security threats from mass migration.

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