Macron: Brexit a ‘Historic Wake-up Call’… for MORE EU, Not Less

French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech during the "Prix Decouvertes" (Discover
LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP via Getty Images

French President Emmanuel Macron has said that Brexit is a “shock” and a “historic wake-up call” for the whole of the EU.

The French president, who is an avid supporter of the globalist-progressive European Project, made the remarks during a pre-recorded television address to the people of France, aired hours before the UK officially leaves the European Union.

“This departure is a shock,” Mr Macron said in comments reported by Ouest-France. “It is a historic wake-up call which must be heard in each of our countries, be heard by the whole of Europe, and make us think.”

However, rather than Brexit being a time for reflection and of considering returning sovereignty to the people of Europe, Mr Macron maintains that the continent needs more EU, more super-state bureaucracy, not less.

Also blaming “lies” told by Leave campaigners, the progressive French president said: “We must remember at all times what lies can lead to in our democracies.

“This Brexit is possible, has been possible, and comes into force in a few hours, because we have too often made Europe a scapegoat for our own difficulties and also because we have not changed our Europe enough. More than ever, we need Europe.”

President Macron said to those backing a Frexit (a French exit): “I would be lying to you to say this evening that the future of our country could be built on less Europe.”

The head of state insisted on the need to “rebuild a clearer European Project where the desire to leave Europe will no longer be the answer to difficulties”.

“It is a sad day, we do not hide it. But it is a day which must lead us to proceed differently, to build with even more determination a powerful and effective European Union,” he added.

If European sovereigntists and political commentators expected that Brexit would inspire EU leaders to reassess its commitment to Ever Close Union of the United States of Europe, they are sure to be mistaken.

Before the European Parliament ratified the Brexit deal on Wednesday, its chief Brexit coordinator and senior MEP Guy Verhofstadt, like Emmanuel Macron, expressed his belief that the lesson learnt is more Europe, not less.

Addressing the Brussels chamber, Mr Verhofstadt said: “This lesson, dear colleagues, is not to undo the union, as some are arguing. The lesson is to deeply reform the union. To make a real union in the coming years.

“That means a union without opt-ins, opt-outs, rebates, exceptions, and above all without unanimity rules and veto rights.”


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