Delingpole: Rishi Ratioed – Everyone Hates UK Chancellor’s Green Budget Plans

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 13: Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak arrives at Downing Street on February 13, 2020 in London, England. The Prime Minister makes adjustments to his Cabinet now Brexit has been completed. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)
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Britain’s new Chancellor Rishi Sunak is just two days away from delivering his first budget. If the reaction on Twitter to his Net Zero proposals is anything to go by, it could also be his last.

Poor Rishi. The bright, likeable, Winchester- and Oxford-educated, Goldman-Sachs-trained boy wonder probably thought no one would disagree with his plans for a budget which would reach ‘net zero’ and ensure that ‘we protect our environment.’

Twitter just gave him a rude awakening.

There were over 700 more replies, mostly in this vein:

Don’t get comfortable because the electoral backslash to this insanity is building quickly.
This nonexistent climate ‘crisis’ & subsequent insane ‘net zero’ cash grab is nothing short of international fraud of the highest level Govs, banks, corporations, energy firms, scientific orgs, charities, all conspiring to defraud the public & fill their pockets What a disgrace

Nope. Terrible idea, climate change is a massive hoax, just another way of extorting taxes. Will not be voting for the @Conservatives as long as they follow this ridiculous NetZero guff.

Jeeezus h Christ. Leave the net zero nonsense alone will you. You offer nothing but misery and Ill researched, inefficient, expensive decline in living standards. Are you seriously trying to prepare us all for a life of communism or something. Because that’s what we hear

The “make energy unaffordable” budget will lose you support nationwide

The Brexit vote was a big issue When people realise the cost & impact of Net Carbon Zero policies on everyday life, the reaction will be far bigger When people realise that you hadn’t even looked into it properly, but plowed ahead regardless, hello Euro election result once more.

Do you think British people are going to somehow react differently to the French people & their reaction to crippling environmental taxes? It’s a crazy agenda & you’re on a hiding to Party oblivion.

No Rishi ! Please, DO NOT DO THIS. If you proceed with this madness you will alienate people like me who voted for you. STOP, speak to people like Matt Ridley who will explain what a catastrophic error you are making.

why? For pity sake why are you hell-bent on making this country discernibly poorer?

To achieve net zero means everyone living in poverty. It’s bonkers.

You’ve lost my vote. Didn’t take long. NetZero is beyond insanity.

How long will it be before Boris’s Conservatives get the message? The government’s green policies are steering Britain towards disaster.


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