Deported Afghan Gang Head Threatens to Kill German Police


A criminal gang leader deported to Afghanistan in 2017 has threatened German police, stating that he has a small army of 100 Afghans set for deportation he could incite against them.

Crime boss Sanger Ahmadi was deported from Germany in 2017 after police connected him to at least 30 crimes in five federal states when he was the head of the “Lions-Cartel” criminal gang.

Earlier this week, the 35-year-old made a video threatening German police and officials are taking the threat seriously as Ahmadi appears to have obtained insider information, German magazine Focus reports.

“I have enough Afghans in Frankfurt and the surrounding area who are on the deportation list. And they are ready for anything,” Ahmadi said in the clip and added: “If you continue to piss us off, then I will make sure that I have 100 Afghans who are on the deportation list, I will incite them against you.”

Stephan Mayer, an MP for the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), called the video “highly disgusting and repulsive,” while a press release from the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) noted that Green Party MP Claudia Roth had attempted to block the deportation of the gang chief and 13 others in 2017.

“Once again, it is confirmed that Claudia Roth shows great sympathy for Islamist criminals,”  deputy chairwoman of the AfD parliamentary group Beatrix von Storch said.

“What is new, however, is her attempt to prevent the deportation of an underworld boss who has now threatened German police officers with death in a video. Enough is enough: there is no more room for Claudia Roth in the new Bundestag Presidium,” she added.

Migrant-background clan gangs are a major problem in some cities in Germany, such as Berlin where it was reported in 2018 that gang members routinely threatened police officers to intimidate them.

The gangs, which had taken over the drug trafficking and prostitution trade in the city, are also said to have spread rumours of officers having encounters with sex workers to destroy their reputations.

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