Conservative Actress Mindy Robinson

Facebook Reverses Unfair Suspension of Conservative Actress Mindy Robinson

Mindy Robinson, a conservative actress and wife of former UFC fighter Randy Couture, was banned from posting to Facebook for 30 days after she shared abusive messages she received on the platform. After a Breitbart News request for comment and outreach from fans, Facebook has reversed the suspension.


Israeli Web Company Fights Back Against Hezbollah in Social Media Wars

TEL AVIV – After Lebanon-based terror group Hezbollah took to social media to threaten Israel with another war using a series of intimidating memes, a boutique Israeli web design company fought back on the same platform cynically advising the Islamist group on what to expect should it go through with its threat.

Odell Beckham, Josh Norman

Panthers Called Odell Beckham Jr. Anti-Gay Slurs, Threatened to End His Career

According to Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders, New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s state of mind on Sunday, when he received three penalties and targeted Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman with a helmet-to-helmet hit, was deeply affected by pregame threats to end his career and barbs directed at his sexuality. The NFL later suspended Beckham for one game.

Loretta Lynch AP PhotoManuel Balce Ceneta

Loretta Lynch Says to Muslims ‘We Stand with You in This’

On Thursday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, speaking at the Muslim Advocate’s 10th anniversary dinner, shockingly refused to focus on the Muslim community after the terrorist attacks committed by Muslims in San Bernardino and Paris, instead warning non-Muslims that her Justice Department would target people whose anti-Muslim rhetoric “edges towards violence.” She reassured her audience, “We stand with you in this.”

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Gangs Around Nation Threaten Police

After Baltimore police reported a “credible threat” that some of the notorious gangs around the nation—including the Black Guerrilla Family, the Bloods, and the Crips—have ordered their members to target officers, various police departments are taking steps to protect their officers.

gay flag

LGBT Supporters Seek Ban on Indiana Hosting Major Sports Events

Now that Indiana Governor Mike Pence has signed a new law that allows business owners to practice their religious faiths, gay rights supporters have threatened that the Hoosier State should not be allowed to host any major sporting events as long as the law is in place.