Four in Ten French Support Reducing Immigration Numbers to Zero

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Four in ten French say they would like to see immigration numbers reduced to zero, according to a poll released this week as all leading French presidential candidates adopt tough migration policies.

The poll, conducted by the CSA Institute for CNews, was released on Thursday and states that 41 per cent of those who took part in the poll were in favour of stopping all immigration to France, both illegal and legal immigration.

French over the age of 65 are the most likely to support a total immigration ban at 45 per cent, while young people 18 to 24 are also represented highly, with 42 per cent agreeing with a migration ban, CNews reports.

In terms of political belief, there is a huge gap between those who support right-wing candidates to those who support left-wing parties.

Supporters of populist Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) overwhelmingly support a total migration halt at 92 per cent, while 93 per cent of Green Party supporters are against the measure. In total, a majority of those on the right, 72 per cent, are for the proposal while a large majority on the left, 86 per cent, are totally against it.

Immigration is set to be one of the major topics of next spring’s French presidential election and so far all of the leading candidates in the race have adopted various tough policies against mass migration, including incumbent President Emmanuel Macron.

The French president recently reduced the number of visas granted to North African nations that refused to take back their deported citizens, when it was revealed that countries like Algeria accepted just 22 nationals, despite nearly 8,000 being eligible for deportation from France.

Populist candidate Marine Le Pen, meanwhile, has proposed a referendum on the topic of immigration if she becomes the next French president, which will include halting family reunification or chain migration, increasing deportations, and ending birthright citizenship entirely.

Centre-right presidential hopeful Xavier Bertrand has also commented on what he has called a laxity in the French immigration system and has promised the end of giving residency to illegal migrants and said he will also increase deportations.

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