Another UK Health Service Trust Caught Erasing ‘Mothers’ for ‘Birthing People’

NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP via Getty Images

Yet another National Health Service (NHS) trust has been caught erasing mothers in favour of woke “Birthing people” language, as the governing Conservative Party continues to allow far-left ideologues to take over all levels of the state unchecked.

No amount of negative media coverage or public commentary on Britain’s socialised health service appeasing far-left gender identity activist by erasing “mothers”, “women”, and so on in favour of terms like “birthing people” and “people with cervixes” seems to be able to hold back its continued spread, with the NHS Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) becoming the latest arm of the service to push them.

“Our team are developing a Perinatal Voices Partnership networking group, for Birthing people who have had experience of using Perinatal Mental Health Services within Norfolk and Waveney,” the trust boasted in a social media post first reported by MailOnline.

A brief search of the government-funded healthcare provider’s account on Twitter by Breitbart London revealed at least four uses of the “Birthing people” terminology dating back to February 1st:

Breitbart London’s search found that, in addition to the Perinatal Voices Partnership, the trust also has a”Lotus Team [which] offers support to birthing people who have experienced trauma or loss”, and that it “understand[s] being part of the #LGBTQIA+ community can make the journey to becoming a parent more challenging.”

The trust’s tweets about the Lotus team were decorated with the latest iteration of the Palestine-style Progress Pride flag, including the transgender colours, black and brown stripes for ethnic minorities, and a logo for intersex people, more commonly referred to as hermaphrodites.

At its worst, the National Health Service’s embrace of hardline gender ideology impacts not only normal language but has proved physically dangerous to women, with one hospital actively covering up a rape by a transwoman on what was supposed to be a single-sex ward, despite having CCTV evidence to the contrary, arguing that “the rape could not have happened” as “there was no male in the hospital”.

Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne, speaking on the incident in the House of Lords this March, revealed that it took almost a year for the unnamed hospital to admit the truth.

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