Afghan Migrant Convicted of Murder was ‘Asking Out 14-Year-Old Girls’ – Report

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai
Dorset Police

An Afghan migrant that has now been convicted of multiple murders is said to have asked out a number of “14-year-old girls” while posing as a child in Britain.

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai, who has now been convicted of the murder of Thomas Roberts on March 12 last year, is said to have lied about his age to UK authorities, allowing him to attend school in Britain as a 14-year-old despite being an adult man.

It is reportedly the third murder Abdulrahimzai has been convicted of, with a Serbian court finding the migrant guilty in absentia of killing two men with an automatic Kalashnikov rifle in 2018.

According to a report by The Times, Abdulrahimzai managed to evade the Serbian authorities in the aftermath of the double murder, fleeing to the UK where he claimed he was a 14-year-old boy who required asylum.

Although the Afghan was reportedly an 18-year-old adult male at the time he entered the country, authorities were unable to question him, with Home Office guidelines at the time instructing officials that they could only treat him as being an adult if his appearance and demeanour “strongly suggested” he was aged 25 or over.

A process was reportedly undertaken to try and ascertain Abdulrahimzai’s real age, though this process was repeatedly dragged out by the migrant, who is said to have delayed his communication with authorities over the matter.

As a result — like a number of other adult migrants within Britain’s asylum system — Abdulrahimzai was reportedly handed over to a foster family, and allowed to attend school with other 14-year-olds.

“Not only was he around kids, he was asking out 14-year-old girls,” one mother of a child who is said to have attended school with the migrant told The Times.

“It’s wrong. It is absolutely petrifying,” she continued. “This man was classed as a child in care and the school had a duty of care to accept him. Their hands were tied.”

“The fault lies with the local authorities who put my children at risk,” she went on to say. “Where is the duty of care, not just to the pupils but to the staff?”

According to the British broadsheet, the true extent of Abdulrahimzai’s age and criminal background — which also included a conviction for drug dealing in Italy — only came to light after he stabbed Thomas Roberts to death in 2022.

The incident reportedly occurred after a brief argument between the two men that was reportedly started by Abdulrahimzai, with the migrant said to have stabbed Roberts twice during the dispute, which was over an electric scooter.

During a police investigation into the killing, a dental examination was conducted on Abdulrahimzai — who was claiming to law enforcement officers that he was 16 — which discovered that he was really 21 years old.

Aftera two-week trial a jury at Salisbury crown court took twelve hours of deliberation to conclude that Abdulrahimzai was guilty of Roberts’ murder.

“You started the conflict, and throughout you were the threatening aggressor,” judge Paul Dugdale told the migrant during sentencing. “In seconds you took the life of a thoroughly decent man, with a bright future who was loved greatly by so many people.”

“Your momentary act of extreme, senseless violence has left a family with a tragic loss that they will feel for the rest of their lives,” he went on to say.

He then handed Abdulrahimzai life in jail, with a minimum sentence of 29 years.

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