‘War Has to Stop’: I Would End Ukraine War in 24 Hours, Says Trump

ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND - MAY 01: Former U.S. President Donald Trump disembarks his plane "Trum
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Former President Donald Trump has told Nigel Farage that he would be able to end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours when reelected in 2024.

When reelected to the position of President in 2024, Donald Trump has said that he would be able to end the war in Ukraine within a period of 24 hours.

Trump made the statement during a long-form interview with arch-Brexiteer-turned-news pundit Nigel Farage, with the pair discussing a number of other issues, including current commander-in-chief Joe Biden’s refusal to attend the coronation of King Charles III.

Speaking on the war, Trump described the conflict as being a “disaster”, adding that he believes the death toll in the country to be higher than what is being reported by either the Russian or Ukrainian governments.

“You don’t knock down a whole city and say two people got hurt,” Trump told Farage, adding that “thousands of people are being killed” in bombed Ukrainian cities. “That war has to stop.”

He went on to say that, when elected President, he would find it “easy” to end the conflict.

“I will end that war in one day. It will take 24 hours,” he said. “I know Zelensky well, I know Putin well, I would get that ended in a period of one day.”

“You can break that deal?” Farage asked him in response.

“One hundred per cent,” Trump replied. “It would be easy. That deal would be easy.”

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